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Move Helpers Berlin

We, will help you move.

You are moving to Berlin, leaving it, or simply moving from West to East, etc.. Everything is packed, and You already have the keys of the new apartment, but there is not enough people to help you with the couch, the dishwasher, and all the heavy stuff you got yourself over the years, You might need Transportation too…

We work efficiently, fast and charge a fair price.

Well, it’s your lucky Day! You found us, we’ll gladly help You. We are fit, strong, responsible and punctual Move helpers.

We also convey reliable students for your move or to paint your apartment.

There is no work impossible to us

  • Blankets
  • Moving cords
  • Transport cart
  • A large Tool box

And mostly everything else we might need.

Is at your disposal with no extra charge.

Umzugshelfer Berlin“ help you move expertly, quickly and cheaply!

We can also organize any expedition to other cities, or states, we’ll take our truck, and load it with your stuff and then unload it at any destination that you want.

You are welcome to use our contact page or our emailadress anfrage@umzugshelferberlin.de to send us your message.

Call us 030 209 164 89 or 01515 025 0949

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Weitere Angebote erhalten Sie telefonisch oder schriftlich, nachdem Sie die kostenlose Umzugsanfrage ausgefüllt haben. Email: anfrage@umzugshelferberlin.de. Wir antworten normalerweise innerhalb einer Stunde.

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